Function Key F1-F12 Shortcuts works || ফাংশন কি এর কাজ সমূহ F1 হতে F12 পর্যন্ত

 Function Key F1 to F12

It is essential to know the function key's work. It saves time while we work on a computer [Desktop / Laptop / PC]. || ফাংশন কি এর কাজ জানলে আপনি কম্পিউটার পরিচালনায়  এক ধাপ এগিয়ে থাকবেন। আমাদের সময় বাঁচানোর জন্য ফাংশন কি জানা অত্যাবশক । 

Function key F1 to F12 shortcut works
Photo: Shortcuts of Function Key F1 to F12 

See the video on how function keys work:

F1 = Help key
F2 = File Rename Key
F3 = Find file and folder || Uppercase and Lowercase (Shift+F3)
F4 = Repeat command in excel || Shut down, Close program (Alt+F4)
F5 = Refresh Your Computer || Reload webpage
F6 = Highlight web address or web address selection
F7 = Grammar and spell correction || Synonyms, antonym 
F8 = Boot Manu
F9 = Word file refreshing 
F10 = Mouse right button || Command in Microsoft office.
F11 = Full screen mode
F12 = Save as

These all are time-saving keys, Windows 10, Windows 8 and other versions of the operating system support these easily. Learn computer operating smooth and make the best career!

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