Railway construction videos

 Railway Construction Works

Civil Engineering Studio is providing some videos of railway construction works. See the videos step by step, and you will find different types of civil works about railway construction. In this series you will see some videos of foot over, railway bridges, culverts, sheet pile driving, MS truss works, steel girder works, stone screening, sand screening, flash butt joint, railway sleeper placing procedure, railway track laying and shifting.

Flash butt welding process in railway track

We will know how can flash butt welding works on the Bangladesh railway, we are working railway, making the railway. A to Z flush but the joint process you can see and how to finish flash butt joint you may know. Finishing by a special grading matching the joint. 

Stone screening plant || sand screening

How to screen stone, sand, and soil we can see the video. In this video, we can how stone and sand screening plant. Stay connected with the civil engineering studio to see more videos. Mobile screening plant WS200-BF (BAZER)

Manually rail track shifting by labor

Bangladesh railway developing a railway network, manually rail track shifting is a hard job, and labourers are moving the rail from one place to another place.

Railway sleeper placing works

We will know, how to place RCC railway sleeper. RCC sleeper placed by people with an excavator. Stay connected with Civil Engineering Studio, we will release many videos regarding Railway work and how to work step by step. 

Sheet pile driving equipment || procedure of sheet piling

We can see the sheet pile installation procedure, to protect the earth or embankment we need sheet piling. In order to watch more videos like this please stay connected with Civil Engineering Studio. Making retaining walls by sheet piling.

Sand piling works tips and techniques

sand piling works are needed where land is very loose, in order to compact soil, to improve soil, sand piling is needed. You will see the procedure of the sand pile. Stay connected with the civil engineering studio to see more videos related to civil engineering. Sand compaction pile || Civil Engineering

MS truss and Girder lifting by crane

How to lift Truss and girder we can see in this video, ms roof truss and girder lifting by a crane, keep and touch with civil engineering studio, you may see more videos regarding civil engineering and technology.

Steel Structure and RCC combined Foot over bridge work ongoing || Comilla Bangladesh.

Foot over bridge ramp stairs, people who are not able to walk, can go by wheelchair.

Making Cumilla New Railway Station

Making a new railway station, Stay connected with Civil Engineering Studio to see more videos. #Civilengineeringstudio

To see more videos, please visit our channel Basic School Online

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