Cast in Situ Piles Details

 What is pile

Pile is a member of a structure, the pile is needed when we make a high-rise building and where soil condition is not up to the mark. Pile transfer all superstructure in the soil and pile makes the building stronger. Before providing a pile, it is needed a soil test, and then soil conditions. Pile length depends on the soil test report and nature of the building, the height of the building etc. 

Types of Pile

According to making procedures, there are two types of piles:
a. Pre-Cast pile
b. Cast in situ pile

Video of Cast in situ pile

we described here step by step in Bangla, for your better understanding, if you see the video then you will get an idea regarding the cast-in situ pile work process, and the material list of a building project. 

Most of the piles we drive in Bangladesh which is cast in situ piles, which will help people who want to make a new house. Especially it will be helpful for fresh Engineers and students to learn about the cast in situ piles. Visit our Facebook page Civil Engineering Studio

Tools and equipment for cast in situ piles

1. Rig or tripod or stand 
2. Water Pump
3. Winch Machine
4. Bucket
5. Funnel
6. Pipe holder
7. Casing pipe
8. Chisel
9. Trimmi Pipe
10. Drilling rod
11. Mixture Machine
12. Cutter
13. Rotary Machine etc.


Toos and types of equipment photos

 Work procedures of the cast in situ piles

1. Piles Layout
2. Start boring
3. Borehole operation and cleaning
4. Rebar case making
5. Install of rebar case
6. Concreating 
7. Pile head breaking etc.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the cast in situ pile, please feel free to comment below, and share your knowledge about the work. 

-Thank You-

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