Rail destressing of railway track

What is railway track destressing

Railway track destressing is a process, that can be repaired rail-line. It the winter season any materials compress and in summer happen expand. When expanding rail-line due to an increase in temperature, then some portion of rail needs to be cut. The process is called railway track destressing. 

What Tools and Equipment are needed for destressing:

Following tools and equipment are needed for railway track destressing:

Generator, Tensor machine, Aluminum Thermic Welding Machine set, Side roller, Bottom roller, Fiber hammer, Wooded hammer, Stable, Ballast remover, Light, Dimond mold shoe, frog, Stand, tomiver, Khushbull, Blower Machine, Trimming Machine, Chisel, Toping rod

Video of the rail track destressing @ Civil Engineering Studio:

You will find here how practically works in field, you will have basic idea regarding rail destressing, you should start steps by steps full video. Are you interested to work in railway developments sector, this video for you.

Work procedure or work methodology:

1. Considering a specific length (Considering 500 meters)
2. Cutting rail in the specific interval (in 250 meters)
3. Clip opening
4. Liner opening
5. Remove check rail and guard rail
6. Roller fixing every 10-sleeper interval
7. Hammering by fibre hammer or wooden hammer
8. Wait until a certain temperature (Considering 32-degree celsius) 
9. Rail cutting (Gap between rail will be 25 mm)
10. Tensile machine setting and fixing the rail
11. Welding (Aluminum thermal welding)
12. Grinding works until smooth  
13. Clip setting, roller removing
14. Rechecking and confirmation the work has been done.

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